Year-In-Review 2020

What a year 2020 was. The year of learning, rethinking, and adapting. We definitely had to bring a lot of our plans back to the drawing board and adjust to the scenario that was in front of us.

We want to thank everyone that has stuck with us through these tough times and competed, watched and/or helped with any of our events, live or online. Without your constant support we wouldn’t be able to continue what we are doing, so THANK YOU!!!

Now, here’s a look back at the year that was, and what we were able to achieve. 

start of the year

Still business as usual.

From the start of the year, we hit the ground running. Here are just some of the performances and events we were a part of during the first 3 months of 2020. 

  • Waack Your Way Vol. 2 – Waacking Battle
  • Lunar Block Party – Collaboration with Jam Republic Sydney
  • HSBC Sydney 7’s Festival – Popup Performances
  • International Women’s Day – Performance for Bright Business Program
  • Waack Your Way Vol. 3 x Ena’s Funktion
  • Slow Burn – Performance with opnsrc and Parramatta Artists’ Studio
Check out the link below to see some of the recap videos from those events and performances. 

we moved online

When we spent all our time at home. 

With all our events needing to be postponed, and no clear end in sight to the lockdown, we had to adapt our events in a way we had never thought about before. Using social media to create platforms for dancers to connect and showcase their skills and talent.

One of the amazing things that came out of these online battles was being able to connect to those in many other countries who we would rarely get the chance to meet or witness. As well as being able to involve our interstate and overseas friends to judge the battles.  

  • Hip Hop Showdown: Stay At Home Edition
  • Waack Your Way: Pyjama Edition
  • Crossfire Breaking Battles: Breaking, BGirl, and Kid’s categories

Check out some of those Live Stream Dance Battles below.

we made some t-shirts

Collaborating with some of our talented friends.

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We have so many talented and creative friends within the community, so we want to highlight them and create a platform for them to showcase their works. From this came our ‘Collaboration Community Series’ where we will collaborate with local designers and creatives and see their interpretation of what community means to them. 

Our first collaboration is with Valdi Yudibrata of ValYu Designs. You may have seen his designs on various dance events and showcases, as well as his latest works for the streetwear brand, Fourwalls. He works closely with many dancers and crews within the street dance community. Be sure to follow him at @ValYuDesigns .

destructive steps 12

We had to finish the year off with a bang.

With a couple of delays and setbacks, we were glad to still be able to hold our annual Destructive Steps Event in 2020.

We expanded Destructive Steps into two weekends full of battles in the categories of Breaking, Open Styles, Hip Hop and Ladies. We also saw some amazing showcases from local dance crews and our esteemed panel of judges. The first weekend was our Live/in-person battle in Sydney, and the second weekend was an Online battle that anybody from anywhere can participate in.

The event was definitely a celebration of the Hip Hop and Street Dance Community still being active as ever, even through these tough times. We saw a lot of talent from both our local dancers and our overseas dancers. It was incredible to see everyone still getting down and connecting with one another, through our live streams as well. 

Looking back, we definitely have had quite an exciting and eventful year.

We hope to keep serving the community and continue offering performances, classes and events in the New Year, both live and online.

Happy New Year! Here’s to making the best of 2021! Hope to see everyone soon!

– DSDA Team

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