about us

who we are

DSDA is a nonprofit charity organisation made up of members from the Sydney street dance community, dedicated to promoting and spreading the positive ideals of Hip Hop. 


DSDA originated from a small local jam in 2009, organised by President and Founder Jo Hyeon Yoon, who simply intended to bring dancers together to exchange and have a good time. The jam was called Destructive Steps and as the years went by, gradually grew into the standout event it is today – Australia’s biggest annual street dance festival. 

Since then, DSDA was officially established in 2015 as a non-profit association. Aside from striving to elevate Destructive Steps every year, DSDA now also works to run more community events, including collaborating with local councils and other organisations.

Sydney Street Dance Scene

Street dancers, like in any other creative arts, devote huge amounts of time and effort to develop their skill and craft – although this can go largely unappreciated. DSDA works within the community to connect dancers to opportunities they might not have otherwise. Additionally, to create a space for dancers to come together to share their craft, DSDA also organises many community events throughout the year. 

One such event is Ladies Night, our all-female battle event, which was introduced to encourage more female dancers to battle in an otherwise male-dominated space. Events such as these are not easily achieved. They are passion projects that occur at great financial expense and personal sacrifice from the organiser. Still, these events are run to give back to a community and a culture that has given us great meaning and value.  

Our Culture and Community

Hiphop culture was instrumental in stopping the violence when it emerged and its values – peace, love, unity, and having fun – are still universally relevant today. For many of us in the community, street dance has long surpassed that of a simple hobby, and instead become ingrained in our livelihoods. No matter who you are or where you come from, dance is a language we can use to connect to each other upon which we can build and grow this community.  

This is why we believe so strongly in ‘For the community, by the community.